Through these beginning stages of entering the Digital Humanities realm, I’m starting to get a sense of what DH is.  With what I’ve been exposed so far, leads me to conceive this construct as a chronotope (Bahktin), emerging as a center that gives body to the multiple intersections between digital media and humanistic inquiry. Based on the DH projects that I’ve the chance to visit and played with, I can’t help but think of DH as this fluid time-space marker that exhibits a network of experimental methods and approaches to the human sciences. It is both an invitation and a meeting point, where participants brainstorm innovative ways of thinking, of forming and organizing knowledge, of doing scholarship, and of relating to peers through the encounter of ideas and perspectives.  It is an opportunity to discover unimaginable connections between digital technologies and those disciplines particularly concerned with the human condition. From its initial conceptions as a domain that builds infrastructures to digest and process large sets of humanistic data, to its contemporary interpretations as a domain that focuses on the creative and expressive aspects of humanities, it is exciting to learn about DH power to exhibit the nature of relationships, to offer a platform to develop new genres, new forms to do discourse, and new ways to tell our stories.

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