Hello Everyone!

As an academic librarian in the humanities and social sciences, I support students and faculty in their research and learning workflows. I enter these scholarly communities and contribute with my expertise in library collection development, online and face-to-face teaching and training, qualitative data analysis (e.g. NVivo, Atlas.ti), web design, and outreach programming.

I’m now at the point of successfully participating in DPH initiatives across my campus, and feel the need to be ready to support new forms of humanities scholarship and to become more sophisticated in making cultural artifacts and voices accessible to diverse publics.

The education I have received from the George Mason certificate program so far has helped me build the foundation for identifying, evaluating, and using emerging digital tools and methodologies in ways that would help us better understand the human condition. I’ve gained skills in digital object curation and exhibition (e.g. Omeka, DublinCore), textual and spatial mapping, and in audience research.

Learning Goals for the Semester

I have set high expectations for myself and through the HIST694 course,  I plan on working hard in:

  • understanding the ways individuals and diverse communities construct and make sense of the past,
  • getting acquainted with SoTL in history in classrooms and in public history environments
  • identifying the most effective digital tools and methodologies that will help me learn, teach, and communicate historical inquiry

My approach to learning and teaching has been through active and reflective practices, and so I look forward to class readings, online discussions, and peer reviews.


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