Basic Information About me as a Student

As a librarian, I consider myself a professional student, always motivated and with a question in mind. I am very adaptable and able to work independently, as well as in team settings. My approach to effective teaching is by actually being a student and absorbing the material to the point where I could transmit it to diverse audiences. I have high expectations of myself, and so I work hard to understand the world around around us. My most effective way of learning is through active and reflective practices. I look forward to class readings, online meetings, and collaborative projects.

Background in Digital Humanities

My exposure to Digital Humanities has been through the audience perspective, engaging in virtual visits to online museum platforms. Here at Kennesaw State, I have been involved with the Digital Humanities Working Group, conducting an inventory of DH facilities on campus, and organizing a DH symposium that would showcase faculty and student research. 

Interest in Digital Public History

I want to identify and experiment with digital tools and methodologies that will help me ask, answer, teach, and communicate historical inquiry. I’m interested in understanding some of the main principles of audience research, as well as digital sustainability and maintenance aspects of DPH. I’d also like to learn approaches to connecting college students with community outreach and to integrating universities to their communities through digital public history projects.

Learning Goals for the Semester

Through this course, I want to engage with digital tools and methods to explore the intersections of digital history and public history, and to learn about the many ways in which scholars can interact with their publics.



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